Thursday, August 16, 2012

P-I-N-K..Gotta Love it!!!

Today is another fun Pixie Flix Challenge.
I just LOVE these fun little challenges.
Today's Challenge hint is:
The color "PINK" plays an important part, and PINK just happens to be Pixie's favorite color!

Here is my creation for this Flix Challenge. I used the fun new Pretty in Pink digital stamp for this weeks card.  You can find it here!!:)
I love this weeks movie. There were some things that really stuck with me and I still think about it fondly.  I am going to complain for a moment. And please know that my opinion is coming from a Former Teenager that saw this FliX in the Theater. LOL
I really was not pleased with the Prom Dress that Sam the man character created.  I was so upset that she created such a strange dress with the two pretty dresses that she used.  However, It did show her creative side, which added to the story. Second...I had the BIGGEST CRUSH on Blaine.  LOL I Loved him in his Sky Blue button up shirt. Squeeee!!
Third, I wanted to hang out with Duckie.  I had a friend in High School that was Duckie-ish and he would rock strange white shoes from time to time.  Ahhhhhh..memories.
PLUS, the music was some of the best ever. I still listen to this soundtrack!!
Thanks kindly for stopping by the Pixie Blog and enjoy playing with this weeks Pixie Flix...the theme is PINK!!!!

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Annie Rose said...

Oh holy moly! Pretty In Pink is my all-time favorite movie! This is awesome! :)

I was scrolling through my blog reader and saw this and said Hey, wait a minute! I know exactly who that is! haha

Luvs and awesome 80's hugs,
Annie Rose