Sunday, June 10, 2012


We are sooo very excited to announce our new Pixies.
The design team is giggling and celebrating at all the new talent we are adding.
BUT first, I want to thank ALL the amazing and talented applicants we received.
IT was so very hard to narrow it down.  I do hope all of those Designers that did not get a spot this time will try again.  Pixie would love to hear from you gals again!!
Now, I am so excited and MUST not wait another second.  
Our New and SHINY Pixies are
Drum roll please......... ... ......... .....
Of course a BIG thank you to all our amazing Pixies. I am so grateful for all the things you create to help make Pixies successful and fun!!
Pixie HUGS


Jolara said...

How exiting new pixies, but i thought i was the first Dutch pixie LOL have fun new pizies it is a great team ! Hugs joyce

Carol said...

Congrats to all the new Pixie's!