Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hope in a Jar and a sale!!

Over on the Pixie's Bookshelf Blog we are walking down memory lane. Remembering the times of our YOUTH. The times in High School when we THOUGHT we knew everything and KNEW what was best for us!! LOL Awww..gone are the days when we could move with out worry that we could throw out or back and looking in the rear view mirror and pulling our skin back an bit to see a quick facelift would solve our current facial issues. The times when a trip to the local skating rink would "change our LIVES". In honor of this book I picked out a couple past images from the SHOP to share with you..and put them ON SALE!! So plz visit the Bookshelf and leave a memory and play along with the current book of the month!!
Pixie's Bookshelf


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