Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello Pixie PALS!!
So sorry I have been MIA.. I have been having a blogger/computer issue. I THINK I have figured out the source and fixed it!! HOPING that is remains functioning!! Sheesh...phew!!

EDIT: OK still having blogger issues. I can do everything buy POST my blog entries!! I have to write it on my puter and then post it from my Iphone. Anyone, else having this issue?? Advise would be wonderful!! Double GRRRRR!!!

First, There is a NEW Pixie CHALLENGE!! Please visit the Pixie Challenge Blog and play along!

Second, There is a SALE coming up over Father's Day be sure and visit the Pixie blog to find out what fun images are on SALE!!

Third...I am going to watch Red Ridinghood tonight just released on DVD, so I just HAD to re-share my The Red Cape card..why, well...I really LOVED creating this why not share it again..*blushing** Also, a fun RED Cape project by the talented Pixie Cat!!

Oh..and Pssst...I am working on some NEW Twilight images..But don't tell anyone. Lets just keep this between YOU and ME!! tee hee SQUEEEEEEeeeee!!:)

Have a great FRIDAY!!!


Melissa said...

The card is really something! Absolutely Fantastic !

gudrun said...

Love these projects!
So sorry you're having issues with blogger. :( Hope it will be fixed soon.

Cat said...

LOVE your card, Kathy! New Twi images!!!!! Can't wait! I need some more for my never-ending Twi Book! :D

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Not sure what browser your using Kathy. I use Google Chrome, and I found an extension for it in the App Store, called ScribeFire, lets you write and post blogs direct from google. That might be worth a shot :)
Love the Red Riding Hood themed project, can't wait to see the film when it comes out on DVD soon :)