Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twilight Blog HOP....Pixie Dust STYLE!!!

Welcome to the Pixie Dust Twilight Blog hop!!
Congrats to all you Twi hoppers for completing this Sparkly HOP!
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We will be playing Twilight-ish for the next three weeks, so please join in the fun!

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Twilight Blog HOP
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What Twilight means to me...Gulp..Gasp...Drool...sigh!!
It is such a powerful and emotional journey of love and emotions. It is such a great tool in reminding us all how valuable LOVE is!!!

I designed this fun Twi book with all the little extra touches I could think of. I had way to much fun dreaming this project up. I was so sad once it was completed!

Notice the BIG "E" medal..found that at Michaels in the $1 section and snatched it up for my book! I thought it was a great accent for Team Edward!!

I had a lot of fun destressing the edges of this project. There was paper flying thoughout my Studio. I printed the Twilight logo off the web. I designed and colored the "APPLE/Heart" with my photoshop software.
I then attached various tabs so I could turn to the page I wanted to see..I tend to flip to the last LOVE tab the most!!;)

The page above was the most difficult to design. I wanted to capture the joy of the start of New Moon with Bella and Edward together in the famous meadow. I used a black and white photo of a forest for the image behind them. The heartbreak page was so stressful..I wanted to capture the sadness and darkness that Bella goes through when Edward leaves her. I printed out the months that where captured in the movie and the book. Then I added the caption,

"It will be as if I'd never existed."
Gulp..that just breaks my HEART

The page above is my TRIBUTE to Jacob and the true vibe of New Moon. I used earth tones and browns just like the theme of this movie. I added the button accent with the locked heart attached as a symbol of the LOVE Jacob has for Bella....something that he has to keep locked up.I printed off the Wolf pack tattoo from the web also and roughed up the edges.

Squeeeee!! The page above is my FAVORITE scenes in the New Moon flick.

When Edward steps out to expose himself..yikes, that was just the most thrilling moment in this story. Loved it more in the book, but it was great in the movie also!! I added a clock accent just about to hit 12:00..thought that was a great find for this page. I made the paper behind Edward look like stone and cut it in the shape of a doorway.

MARRY ME..Bella was my fav. I printed the page in the book of Edward asking Bella to Marry him. It was not really done like the movie but he still said..Marry Me. You can see those two words right beside his cheek.:)

On the back I found this quote from Emily Bronte..thought that was a perfect saying for the story of Edward and Bella.

All images are Pixie Dust Studio Twilight images..that you can find in the Studio SHOP. Then I just used different red, black and natural DP to make the books stay in the traditional Twilight theme. The requirement was to use a touch of silver. I used some little silver accents on the corners of some of the pages and a silver ribbon around the ring on the book!

These are new Twilight images fresh in the STUDIO!!
Take a peek..

Warning...Pixie Dust Studio is not responsible for drooling or fainting!!

Thank you HOPPING and drooling with the Pixies.

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Amanda said...

Haha! I like the disclaimer!! :D I haven't jumped on the Twilight bandwagon but I do like your images!! I know a lot of younger girls that would LOVE some Twilight inspired cards so I might have to stock up on my images for Christmas pressies!! :D Great book BTW!

theneon said...

an amazing project -- you are having just way too much fun

Jo Davies said...

Love your images they are fab! Going to jump on your twilight bandwagon and enjoy the ride...... Jo xxx

marsha said...

WOW Kathy! You really put all your heart into this project - this is just over the top fabulous!
Hugs, Marsha

Stephanie said...

Oh my God! They are sooo awesome! Love the disclaimer at the end, I was almost drooling ;)

Love the book too! great work!

JLJ Designs said...

I love your book. It's really amazing. Your images are great!


MrsK said...

Hi Kathy

What an amazing book you can tell how much love you put into it! Its soo gorgeous! I've had lots of fun seeing everyone's creations through the blog hop, you've got such a talented team!

Sal xx

huzzah616 (Christy) said...

Eeek!! I'm so excited for the challenge and what a great blog hop!! Hoping I'm a winner so I can get these awesome stamps!!

Peekpu said...

I just completed the Hop - and I LOVE everybodies take on the What Twilight means to them - Beautiful and creative work all around!

Your Project is beautiful.

Jamie said...

This is fantastic!! I will have to try and make something like that for my 9 year old!! She would love it. This blog hop was a lot of fun & all your cards were great! I love your images so much and mixed in with everyones differant cards a few of them sure made me want to go pop in one of the movies and watch it...hehehe Thanks so much for the fun blog hop!!

Renee said...

I jhopped all the way through Twilight Zone (oops-wrong show)haha..Everyones work was great. But since I have never watched the show-the challenge will be a little tougher.

faithnme said...

great HOP thanks for letting me play along

Katie said...

Great blog hop! Everyone did a great job....thanks to all for sharing!

Madeleine Bouquet said...

This is an amazingly cool book! I love it!:)


Nancy said...

Your images are adorable and your work is amazing!

margie c said...

Drooooling! I adore your lil book! Sooo perfect in sooo many ways! You really did it with this one, Kathy! Love it!!!
It was an awesome hop! Thank you :)
hugs, margie

Tanya said...

Wow!! Your book is wonderful! I love your new Twilight images!! What a fabulous blog hop- thanks for the inspiration!!

Stephenie said...

Such an awesome book! It really gives you a synopsis of the love and drama of Twilight! Thanks for sharing!!

Stephanie said...

Great project! I love the images.

Scrappychick said...

You gals totally rocked all the samples (and of course all the digis)!! I loved reading the Twilight books, not as in love with the movies, but did like them too. But I liked how I pictured Bella and the Cullens soooo much better. Love this newest line Kathy!!

AlysiaDraeger0417永瑞 said...

教育無他,愛與榜樣而已 ............................................................

Macpurp said...

this is absolutely stunning! I love these downloads, having so much fun with them. Including new pop up easel card. am away to blog hop here!
love and sparkles.

Tina xx

Macpurp said...

have been round everyones blog! what amazing creations!!!!

love tina x