Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Send them to Sam update

Remember to keep Sending them to Sam!!
I have illustrated a NEW version of Super Sam. Since Sam has lost his hair...his graphic image needed to lose his hair also!! So please come to the Pixie Dust Studio BLOG and grab the NEW image to color and send to sweet Sam!!

Also..Super Sam is now on Facebook. You can keep up with his journey by following his FB. Please stop by and leave a comment to brighten his day!!

One more change..UPDATED ADDRESS!!!
Please mail all cards to this new address....
Samual Humphries
27566 E Elmhurst Pl
Aurora, CO 80016


Lori said...

So great to read the updates on Sam on his Facebook page. Great picture too...what a cutie with that bright smile...even with all he's going through.

Roxx said...

Thank You for all the updates. I'm going to look on FB too. I love the new image of Sam, and I plan to make another card for Sam.
That will be this weekend's project.

Thanks for all you do for everyone.
Seeing Sam's big smile is very touching.

Pinque said...

sending my card this week!

Melissa said...

This is a wonderful!! I will certainly make a card. May I ask, is he in your family? Such a handsome young man.