Friday, May 14, 2010

Twilight Scrappy BOOK

I would LOVE to thank Brooke and Sankari over at the Saturday Cinema Challenge for inviting me to be a guest for this week's Movie Challenge.
The WINNER of this weeks Cinema Challenge will get to pick TWO digital images from the STUDIO..they can be Twilight images or something else!!!

Once I heard about what movie it was, I FLIPPED out and said YES! I have been wanting to create some more Twilight images and thought this was the perfect time to do it. I decided to use all the images in the shop and create a Twilight Scrappy Book. My daughter and I had WAY to much fun working on this project.

Notice the BIG "E" medal..found that at Michaels in the $1 section and snatched it up for my book! I thought it was a great accent for Team Edward!!

I had a lot of fun destressing the edges of this project. There was paper flying thoughout my Studio. I printed the Twilight logo off the web. I designed and colored the "APPLE/Heart" with my photoshop software.
I then attached various tabs so I could turn to the page I wanted to see..I tend to flip to the last LOVE tab the most!!;)

The page above was the most difficult to design. I wanted to capture the joy of the start of New Moon with Bella and Edward together in the famous meadow. I used a black and white photo of a forest for the image behind them. The heartbreak page was so stressful..I wanted to capture the sadness and darkness that Bella goes through when Edward leaves her. I printed out the months that where captured in the movie and the book. Then I added the caption,

"It will be as if I'd never existed."
Gulp..that just breaks my HEART

The page above is my TRIBUTE to Jacob and the true vibe of New Moon. I used earth tones and browns just like the theme of this movie. I added the button accent with the locked heart attached as a symbol of the LOVE Jacob has for Bella....something that he has to keep locked up.I printed off the Wolf pack tattoo from the web also and roughed up the edges.

Squeeeee!! The page above is my FAVORITE scenes in the New Moon flick.

When Edward steps out to expose himself..yikes, that was just the most thrilling moment in this story. Loved it more in the book, but it was great in the movie also!! I added a clock accent just about to hit 12:00..thought that was a great find for this page. I made the paper behind Edward look like stone and cut it in the shape of a doorway.

MARRY ME..Bella was my fav. I printed the page in the book of Edward asking Bella to Marry him. It was not really done like the movie but he still said..Marry Me. You can see those two words right beside his cheek.:)

On the back I found this quote from Emily Bronte..thought that was a perfect saying for the story of Edward and Bella.

All images are Pixie Dust Studio Twilight images..that you can find in the Studio SHOP. Then I just used different red, black and natural DP to make the books stay in the traditional Twilight theme. The requirement was to use a touch of silver. I used some little silver accents on the corners of some of the pages and a silver ribbon around the ring on the book!

These are the two new Twilight images fresh in the STUDIO!!
Marry Me..Bella and Wolf Jacob


Shelley said...

That is so awesome!!! I am so excited about the new movie next month. I really need to go shopping & get some of your Twilight images, I love them!! Great job!

Sankari W. said...

I LOVE all your creations Kathy!!! You seriously had the mojo flowing in creating these lovely amazing projects!!!! WOWOW!!! Thank you so much for the sweet blog candy that you are giving to the Cinema Challenge!!! you are too sweet!!!
I totally loved playing along with your sweet Edward and Bella stamps!!! They are beautiful and fun to work with!!!

Thank you again! Big hugs,
Sankari :)

margie c said...

This is the most beautiful book I have ever seen! It's to die for! and soooo perfect! You captured every single moment of Edward (and the others!) so perfectly! I love love love it sooooo much!!! WoW!!!
You ROCK!!!
HUGS!!!, margie

Jennifer said...

Wow, that project is AWESOME!

Peggy said...

What a fabulous book!! All the attention to detail is perfect!

Cat said...

What a gorgeous book, Kathy! So elegant and beautiful! You captured the feel and romance of the book and movie! FABULOUS!

Roxx said...

Ooh Kathy,
What a Jaw dropping kick butt book! Great idea!! I just love it! I want to try Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge! I just bought marry me Bella and wolf Jacob!
Plus I’m finishing my card for Sam…Busy weekend. Awesome book!


marsha said...

I totally LOVE all your new Twilight creations! I cannot wait to start playing with these!!! You rock!
Hugs, Marsha