Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pixie Fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot off the news stands!!!
Pixie Fashion Show!!!!!

As the seasons change so does the new "IT" color in fashion. Leave it up to our beloved Pixie to be ahead of the trend. She says that Zebra Print will be all the rage this spring.
Get this Pixie Stamp in the Studio!


This week on the runways you will see Zebra Print in black and white. Pair it with a light weight green linen top and you have a wonderful look for the Wild days of play!


For those girly types, Zebra print is an all around winner. Just pull your pink satin shirt out and match it with a shimmery Pink Zebra Print skirt. you are sure to win the Jungle Fever award with your friends!


Green is a color that all haircolors can wear. Match your cotton one pocket tops with a fun arm warmer and you have a perfect accent for your Fern colored Zebra Print Skirt. A girl can not go wrong when going GREEN!!

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