Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PRADA the Pup

Don't you love it! This Pink Tote comes with it's very own little PUP. His name is Prada and he LOVES everything PINK and POSH! Oh, good idea..maybe I should make a Kitty named Posh..she needs a tote too. I need to write that one down!!;) Ok, back to Prada. He is so stinkin sweet. I love him, my daughter LOVES him and even my dear Hubby said he was CUTE..what.....I just about fell out of my painting chair!! I think the Treasure Keeper that I designed to match Prada is very fetching if I do say so myself..toot toot!! I hope you enjoy this fun Prada collection. I had way to much fun designing it! You will find him in my EBAY listings Hugs

1 comment:

~*Joni said...

How can you NOT love Prada? Omgoodness, I would adopt this sweetie in a heartbeat Kathy!! Love the design of this adorable pup, and your bag is just way too cute for words!!!